State of mind

It is a matter must be discussed. Before running it is always a struggle in the mind, to go or not to go. If gone, that another struggle, whether to stop before the finish, or survive all the way through. But perhaps it feels good, and the next struggle indeed is whether go over the distance previously decided. Better not. Or better yes. Struggle all the way through. 

Finishing is another state of mind. Feeling great and cannot wait until the next time. OR feeling supertired, but promise to the self to do better next time, still cannot wait to go next time. 

Accomplishing is a great feel. 


But what happens when the little evil voice wins, and running is cancelled postponed? 

It is called GUILT. Up until the next time, when it is finally run time. 

So what is the deal with not running than. I thought so. Get your ass up and GO GO GO


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