FUEL up on Acne Studios smoothie

FUEL up on Acne Studios smoothie

Hydrate. Its summer. Its fruity. Its monochromic. Loving the shoes, the texture. Loving the drink, it just feels good. Whats in it? Apricot, cherry, some almond milk, coconut and mint splashed over it. It is not white-colored in real. It is more like AcneStudios color, whatever it is called. Acne, btw. is the bestest of the bestest brands on earth. Absolute favourite. Absolute mood riser. But today, I will have to live with my acnejeans colored smoothie, which by the way gives a happy mood too. Hopefully.
About the shoes, neither those are white. They are mint colored and from zara, and they are from mint colored snake. NOT. but they look awesome, and at least no animals were harmed in the making. I’m vegetarian btw. But love cheese. I mean LOOOVE


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