CALM vs Stressssssshhh….



Times, when stress is in our veins, not really sure of the exact source of it, it is just present, and there. When RUNNING, the so called daily psychologist session does not feel good, in fact, nothing feels good, when a word said, and one can jump on the other with anger. 

There, and then one must take a step back, or froze if you like, and just calm the mind. Just count, or look nowhere, think nothing, do nothing, just take a breath – everyone has their own solution, if not a solution, but rather a tactic, that he or she heard somewhere from someone who used it, and worked. 

Whatever. Just stop. And take a moment to realise, that noone, seriously NOONE can take your happy mood, if you prefer to be happy. 


If you wish to feel bad, than, perhaps, you can keep on stressing:). 


Photo was taken on top of  Hungary, in Kékes, in the woods, where I ran away to run and calm myself….just to come back to work on a Monday morning to get a slap on my face by an overreacted scream. 


Happy Monday morning everyone!



24 hrs of vacation


Not much, but so far, summer had given a full day of vacation including the drive to and back. About 2,5 hrs each way.
At least it wasn’t raining. Started after got back though…

Not much im wearing, but its benetton YSL glasses, and my COS ring, isabel marant bracelet and my nike fuelband. As usual.
Emma on the other hand wear bathing suit from populstore and hat from Bobo Chooses, best kid wearables in the world.