No photo || just a quote

Wherever I am when you feel sick at heart and weary of life, or when you stumble and fall and don’t know if you can get up again, think of me. I will be watching and smiling and cheering on. #arthur ashe




Always wanted legs for days, but mother nature was not listening l guess. Though and probably this is the only available photo of my legs which l kinda like.
Kinda. Because if i put Gisele’s photo next to mine l probably would hate mine in comparison once again.

Wearing head to toe nike. Though head is not shown. Perfect lunarglide6, still white. Miracle.



Melancholic? Happy? Dont give a fvck mode? Perfect time for music.
There are periods when l’m unable to listen to music as lm so down, it just makes it even worse. Worser than worse haha.
But when l can listen to it l not only listen but dance dance dance.
Or sometimes l just close my eyes and enjoy.

Run run repeat


This had to come, the time l finally and once again enjoy running, no matter how big my stomach it makes.
Yes, for me running means increase in food intake which leads to huge belly. No run can decrease that, since more running means more fueling up on foods.
Weird me.
People use running to loose weight, but for me, its only to be big stomached.
Though l do love running.



Posted ever on purpose of hope that someone, that specific someone would read it and above all understand it?
Have ever thought of a post to be posted especially for you in the hope of the poster that you in fact read and hopefully understand it?
Life is such a tactical playground with all the stupid games.
If you read it please understand like this: im so tired, i so want to be happy and yes, i want to be happy with you.

I take breaks during work, sneak into the bathroom and pull up the volume on my iphone get my earphones in, and dance crazy like im at the best party in Berlin.

Otherwise l consider myself normal.

No rain day available


There are two things to make me happy: singing in the rain. Not

Run in rain
Dance in rain

Will there be anything as a followup?
Sadness makes me do yoga.
Which makes me calm and help to realize l should be happy. So yoga makes me happy too. Than l go back to sadness for a repeat phase.
Should i somoly call this feeling sorry for myself?

Whatever. I believe in destiny and the time of healing, well, preferably to be happy.

Until than, its run, yoga, dance, cry, repeat!

Raincoat by Nikerunning