The day after


It is not a day to run, it is my day off. Happen to be a day with major hangover, and some unbearable headache. Must eat though, no matter how hard to look at anything food or drink related. Happy Monday, yiha.
Though, cannot wait to finally run tomorrow, no matter the weather circumstances. Runners high feels much better!


Run party repeat


Well worth the champagne, after out of comfortzone birthday run. No soreness on the leg, mind to set on something different for a change, though still not clear, almost three hours to turn off, not really. New challenges on the horizon peaces out a bit.
Fun run accomplished, now back to serious work.

Off || t a p

It’s just a cigarette & it cannot be that bad
Honey don’t you love me and you know it makes me sad?
It’s just a cigarette like you always used to do
I was different then, I don’t need them to be cool
It’s just a cigarette and it harms your pretty lungs
Well it’s only twice a week so there’s not much of a chance
It’s just a cigarette it’ll soon be only ten
Honey can’t you trust me when I want to stop I can
It’s just a cigarette and it’s just a Malboro Light
Maybe but is it worth it if we fight?
It’s just a cigarette that I got from Jamie-Lee
She’s gonna get a smack and I’m gonna give you three
It’s just a cigarette and I only did it once
it’s only twice a week so there’s not much of a chance
It’s just a cigarette and I’m sorry that I did it
Honey can’t you trust me when I want to stop…

Princess Chelsea – Cigarette duet

aka state of mind – l finally could hide and cry.

The road (ahead of us)


Call it a deal, call it being brave or simple too scared.
Setting new goals called deadlines, running away from the obvious to perhaps realize the even more obvious.
Adios ayer.
Cigarette duet.
Lesson in patience.
Leave me alone.
Cannot even listen to music anymore.
I just run.
I just keep going.
I feel free.
I already miss.
I double or even triple tap.

Will do the most surreal or unreal but make it real challenge of my life. Will see. Not accepting the challenge is not an option.




Other times, when l don’t run, l do other things. Work consists pitching, often search for directors and DOPs in terms of looking through their works, movies, commercial. High part of my life.

Anton Corbijn l actually met at an opening. I’ve already seen Control that time, in fact l always revisit the movie on special days, usually not on purpose.
I love everything about the movie, the visual, the music of course, and even the story itself.
Don’t want to recall the first time l’ve seen it, though it was really a day l remember clearly.

Today l listened to Joy Division, and l just remembered.

Disorder on high volume, black and white is for movies, not for real life, going for my second run today. Tough on the feet, tough on the mind, I CAN DO IT.

Photocredit: official movie still

Dealing with marathon


It is not a post about NYC yet, although l probably should deal with it before going to an event where there will be talks about the topic.
To be honest, marathons might not be my best distance, however, after two weeks, l do kinda like to run it.
I’m probably ready for the next one. In fact I’m ready to run the big M once again, and l will probably end up running more than once, or twice.
It took 2,5 weeks to finally get to this point, and in any case liking marathonrunning.

On the other hand, i’m looking out of the window and have no willpower to get out there and run in a weather like this. Probably nor in any weather. But looking out of the window the outside calls me for a nice run and some fresh air.
Battle of the mind.

Looking at the photo of me being totally unserious in regard of my well earned medal on top of the rock, l recall all. How l felt when after crossing the finishline, my first words, with my frozen lips, my totally frozen body, and the little proudness of finishing. It is all getting back, and soon l will probably get to the point where l can look back trully happily to this race. Preferably before
Monday, when the marathon chat will take place, though l don’t plan to talk.

New York l love you, marathon l will love you too.
Post marathon blues about to dissapear, and constant smile appears finally!

Ready we ready


Its getting cold and dark. Ready to take the streets the second time today. Owning the streets, just breathe in the fresh air, just do it.
I keep on running.

There are no hidden notes, there are no second meanings. I run. I feel. I tap when l like. And l like. And I’m calm cause l’m sure.

Run baby run!

Zoom Elites just feel ok, hope to find each other, love the easy colors, my colors, my way.