Morning stillness


Morning is the time when l used to run. Alone, with or without music, with my pace and thoughts only. As winter approaches darkness still remains when the alarm goes off … I rather stay under the warm blanket and dream some more.
Facts lead to midday runs, leaving no time for lunch, which is pretty much a winwin situation although tells a lot about lack of a proper time management. But at least l run.

And after l ran l feel good.

But perhaps l generally feel good nowadays. Autumn vibes are on.

However, still unsure my NYC impressions leaving some gap in time. It will come, when post marathon blues release me. Almost certain the next marathon will bring in some emotions in regard of NY.
Still unsure though whether l will be able to manage two Ms in one month … Nonetheless will do it for the
BECAUSE I CAN DO IT. Just do it!


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