Run alone || run in a crew


I knew that probably. I knew that from the beginning. I am a social person, l cannot just run alone til the end of times. But running alone is fun, it’s me time, it is the reason why l started running. Major lazer and or Chet Faker pushed me through tough times and or high times.
But l guess l cannot leave myself behind even when running, l cannot be someone else neither nonrun nor when running.
Soon l was found with crews, around with people. I’m not saying l would have been friends with them outside of running life, though l enjoyed the time spent together.
But all of a sudden l was surrounded by people girlJ and boyJ l could look up to, talk to other than topics like shoes, gels, pace, and l fullheartedly felt awesome with them.

Today, we were going to run a hilly one as crew. But life wanted otherwise. I’d got into a major trafficjam and the originally 20min route took an hour and a half to get there.
And l just felt, although really wanted to take part, that l can just run alone. Alone only with my thoughts.

Picture however shows l wasnt at all alone…. And that was OK. We met, and ran, and l calmed down until farewell.

Run together!
Tough hill and tough life today really were out of comfortzone – as it shows it really hit me


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