One full post dedicated to the love of running. Never thought l would, nor l was looking for to run ever again in my life.
It is like a drug. Or whatever, they call runner’s high, l call it love.
There are days when you think you can but also days when you think you cannot live without.
Sense and sensuality…
I feel so attached. And l seriously cannot answer why l need or want it, other than for the pure calmness, the power, and the emotions it brings up, and saying goodbye only happens til next time.
I was never looking for anything like that, l was ok with my life, so-so ok l guess. But now my eyes are wide open and l realized l’m hundred percent sure. Love of running.
Fvck yeah for this, l’m happy about it!

These flyknit lunar+ are over their time, my favorites ever;(.
Gyakusou still going strong, basically covers my whole life – undercover love or hate.

While the mood is on, i listen to stunner from the album sadnecessary.


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