Dealing with marathon


It is not a post about NYC yet, although l probably should deal with it before going to an event where there will be talks about the topic.
To be honest, marathons might not be my best distance, however, after two weeks, l do kinda like to run it.
I’m probably ready for the next one. In fact I’m ready to run the big M once again, and l will probably end up running more than once, or twice.
It took 2,5 weeks to finally get to this point, and in any case liking marathonrunning.

On the other hand, i’m looking out of the window and have no willpower to get out there and run in a weather like this. Probably nor in any weather. But looking out of the window the outside calls me for a nice run and some fresh air.
Battle of the mind.

Looking at the photo of me being totally unserious in regard of my well earned medal on top of the rock, l recall all. How l felt when after crossing the finishline, my first words, with my frozen lips, my totally frozen body, and the little proudness of finishing. It is all getting back, and soon l will probably get to the point where l can look back trully happily to this race. Preferably before
Monday, when the marathon chat will take place, though l don’t plan to talk.

New York l love you, marathon l will love you too.
Post marathon blues about to dissapear, and constant smile appears finally!


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