2014 in review

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A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,500 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 25 trips to carry that many people.

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Stats of now


2014. The year of running. Started on the 1st of January with a 5k with a bit less then 6min/km. Ran 3 marathons, 3 halfs in races, at least 3 times over 30km. Met plenty of great runners live and through instagram. Got inspired with the best and most powerful ladies and gents through networks of run related platforms, both off and online.
I got 2 shoes totally runned down, but bought countless more. Mostly pinks, though it is not my favorite color.
There are 10 more days of the year and l go for the goal to run 3000km in 2014. Wasn’t planned like this, as l had not planned many things in my life, just a last minute challenge. 88 km to go.
Wish me luck and cheer for on run with me!

Glad l’m here and have done what has been done. I’m not over yet -10 days to go!

Afterwards, there is no finish line. Big commitments in sight.

Can’t stop won’t stop.

Different POV


Run, when you realize or rather had been told a different point of view. A run when you totally have the moment of a new perspective, and although the wind is killing your brain, it is not the only issue you think about.
After two months of thinking myself as an individual and special friend most of all, realizing that though being and individual in fact doesn’t lead to be a partner.
Partner in crime felt great, however, this perspective kinda killed the fun part. Being happy was fun but being owned not much. Leave me alone, cant leave you alone is rather unappealing lately, get into fights than pretend like de nada happened. Like BFFs forever. Well, too bad, but not. But that is only one opinion.
Still, l rather want to feel mad ( though lm not unfortunately), so sticking with this option. Opting for friendship, but the feel of not taking me seriously ( not the same as feeling important!!!), kinda betraying me will not ease the road towards. Still willing though, no roads are easy ones.

This post belongs to the totally ‘makesnosense’ part of the blog, basically thoughts coming up to the mind while running and or battling with the mofo wind!

But, nike zoom elites are awesome for the tired legs which are abused to run more and more by their owner.

Back to the psycho for only one more sec, l’m glad l can be with honest people. Lesson learned.

Listening to kaytranada leave me alone.

And so i run


Impressive depressive for today’s run. Realistic artistic. And for some reason l smile and leave the anger behind. Fvck sorrowness, l have a goal to achieve, even when you say l should let it go.
I let you go, be happy. You. And l. In two seperate sentences.

Thank you for running.
Now off for today’s one.


Photocredit of the pic with the words: Cara D instagram

Run run run


When l think deeply about it, l do like my year of running. I like the fact that I CAN DO IT, l can run, run long, run fast, or just run. But i also like all that came along with running. People. Different kind of travelling. Different kind of sightseeing. Crews. Shoes. Tap. And mostly friends. People l met and became part of my daily life, live or cyber. Instagram girls and guys, nike crew mates, kvazibarki talks, cheers l got from strangers. Realizing the capacity of how many of these fine men and ladies can fit in my heart. And that is all that matters.

I don’t care about lies, l don’t care about empty words. I know who l became, who l’m becoming through my running, and l say fvck you for all the bullshitting around.

I hope to be kept in the thoughts and talks and meets of the ones l love, and be forgot by the one l was not good enough to be kept by. C’ est la vie.

In running we are united!
Smile on.
Music is on, loud, finaaaaaally.
And thank you for the running.