Coping with the day offs


Of course it should be fun when not running too. Practicing can be awesome, taking the day off should be one too. For me, it seems that unexpected days off -although l really don’t have a running plan at all- can increase the guilt factor, and the shame for finding excuses for a no run day.
My way of running is to run daily, as it gives me the pleasure and it gives the kick too, to do anything that day. Skipping morning by promising myself a lunchbreak run, usually turns out to be one postponing til later that day. Even that night. But nights l’m no good running alone, although when tried l trully enjoyed it. Game of my mind.
But l rather not run alone in the dark.

So a daily run is my routine, no matter how hard to start it.

Today these feet posted above were and still are so ready for another round but the rest of my body feels otherwise. Being sick is not an option but l do feel kinda low on health. Powerless, not like previous days when the heartgame took all my energy, but physically speaking, and therefore with increasing guilt in mind l will cancel today’s ME time, though l still push myself for a go as the little voice yelles at me inside.
Mind games are my favorites, decisionmaking in the process.

Too cold outside and too cold in the inside of my body to go. I have to admit, there are days when l just dont feel like going. Coping with the fact begins now …

Other facts given the other day made me run, to ease and perhaps leave behind, but today headache gives the not so good excuse for the lack of excercise.
Perhaps a break won’t break my routine too much, and a good sleep will result in a good awakening and readiness for a GO GO GO

These feet were photgraphed after a crazy and struggling 10k the other day well worked on. Lunarglide6 of Nike however felt great, though still makes me a bit slow, and that, that day was ok.

Realizing the lack of a goal to be turned on by makes it even harder to start. Registering for the race was a fun fact, but stayed as a fun fact only, hearing from the mate that Team Tap was never a realistic option – just as us – just breaks my heart, and giving no choice but to realize, this goal is no goal to achieve, nor a challenge to accept.

What’s next?


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