Run run run


When l think deeply about it, l do like my year of running. I like the fact that I CAN DO IT, l can run, run long, run fast, or just run. But i also like all that came along with running. People. Different kind of travelling. Different kind of sightseeing. Crews. Shoes. Tap. And mostly friends. People l met and became part of my daily life, live or cyber. Instagram girls and guys, nike crew mates, kvazibarki talks, cheers l got from strangers. Realizing the capacity of how many of these fine men and ladies can fit in my heart. And that is all that matters.

I don’t care about lies, l don’t care about empty words. I know who l became, who l’m becoming through my running, and l say fvck you for all the bullshitting around.

I hope to be kept in the thoughts and talks and meets of the ones l love, and be forgot by the one l was not good enough to be kept by. C’ est la vie.

In running we are united!
Smile on.
Music is on, loud, finaaaaaally.
And thank you for the running.


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