… who run together stay together


Original saying starts with either FRIENDS or COUPLE. However crewlove simply put as teamspirit gives the same feel in regard of motivation and the feel of love. BUT! Lonely runs are necessary based on the fact that dealing with thoughts are essential part of running which can be done in a calmer environment, like silence. Silence with added sound of the feet hitting the ground and the heavier breathing, rythmically, monotonious.
The reason for someone starting to run may differ but the sideeffect generally known as runnershigh soon takes the runner to a circle, with no possible exit knowing that running gives joy extreme power and calmness at the same time.
So getting the opportunity to experience a run which neither gives joy nor calms me down thought would never happen. But life is unpredictable just as running is.
Crew who runs together stay together not happened Sunday night, and although emotional stability was never my strength l totally lost controll. I did not feel tired after the rainy 15km, nor did l feel the usual joy of finishing, all l could do was to sit down and cry. Tears and rain mixed up on my face l promised to myself to stand up and keep running.

Experimenting my body, experimenting my own willpower, and looking inside for the answers, not waiting for those to find me instead.

Loneliness of a long distance runner, even when running in a crew. Individuality.
My own goals.
My own thoughts.

Listening to love/hate from GusGus


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