Different POV


Run, when you realize or rather had been told a different point of view. A run when you totally have the moment of a new perspective, and although the wind is killing your brain, it is not the only issue you think about.
After two months of thinking myself as an individual and special friend most of all, realizing that though being and individual in fact doesn’t lead to be a partner.
Partner in crime felt great, however, this perspective kinda killed the fun part. Being happy was fun but being owned not much. Leave me alone, cant leave you alone is rather unappealing lately, get into fights than pretend like de nada happened. Like BFFs forever. Well, too bad, but not. But that is only one opinion.
Still, l rather want to feel mad ( though lm not unfortunately), so sticking with this option. Opting for friendship, but the feel of not taking me seriously ( not the same as feeling important!!!), kinda betraying me will not ease the road towards. Still willing though, no roads are easy ones.

This post belongs to the totally ‘makesnosense’ part of the blog, basically thoughts coming up to the mind while running and or battling with the mofo wind!

But, nike zoom elites are awesome for the tired legs which are abused to run more and more by their owner.

Back to the psycho for only one more sec, l’m glad l can be with honest people. Lesson learned.

Listening to kaytranada leave me alone.


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