Stats of now


2014. The year of running. Started on the 1st of January with a 5k with a bit less then 6min/km. Ran 3 marathons, 3 halfs in races, at least 3 times over 30km. Met plenty of great runners live and through instagram. Got inspired with the best and most powerful ladies and gents through networks of run related platforms, both off and online.
I got 2 shoes totally runned down, but bought countless more. Mostly pinks, though it is not my favorite color.
There are 10 more days of the year and l go for the goal to run 3000km in 2014. Wasn’t planned like this, as l had not planned many things in my life, just a last minute challenge. 88 km to go.
Wish me luck and cheer for on run with me!

Glad l’m here and have done what has been done. I’m not over yet -10 days to go!

Afterwards, there is no finish line. Big commitments in sight.

Can’t stop won’t stop.


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