There is the time to look back and look forward. Making resolutions, which for me does not really work, too much commitment l guess, especially, when a resolution involves other people too. Keeping it as a goal in myself, l, or more precisely we decided to run the Ultrabalaton, the most fun and most enormous race of the year in Hungary. It takes 220km to run around the biggest lake of HU, end of spring beginning of summer. So we did it, we registered, team Tap was formated. Getting it as a Christmas present, to take such a commitment made me absolutely sure, that my new goal is T H E resolution of the year. I’m so ready l thought, and planning started to take to stage of seriousness. Meanwhile l was probably the happiest on Earth for such a gift.
Finding out just some days later, that nothing is sure in this universe, nor the existence of teamTap, l calmed down, perhaps felt bad a bit.
But not long. I can’t and l don’t quit on my day dreams. I decided to fullheartedly, hundred percent surely will practice to run the race.
Can’t and won’t be bothered by the partner in team Tap anymore, because my goals are my goals.
And l’m happy that codependency is not the case, though l do still think of the original plan whatsoever too much.
Admitting that l probably would by myself never enter an ultra race won’t stop me to accomplish my goal. Last year was fun in terms of running as l wished to run, this year l will probably have to use the help of a coach. A serious, harsh coach. That is my real challenge: running as others are telling me to. Failed to enjoy this once long time ago in my teens, but l became wise enough to understand the goal makes it necessary for this year.
After that l will get back to my own self, my own race, and my own distance.

So far, 2014 was the year of running, 2015 should be the year of run and be happy.