In the need of concrete jungle


Never thought of this before, but there are some few lucky ones who live at a place where not much asphalt is available.
Meeting a runner fanatic like me on the Maldives gave the great pleasure to talk about running itself. It turned out, he used to be a great sprinter and a Maldivian national athlete now a manager of the resort l stayed at. He liked and still likes running distance rather than the sprint races, but in the country there is not much choice to run long ones. That is why he was a sprinter.
His big dream is to race on a half marathon on a street event one day. But in the Maldives, not much chance to run the streets. There are no traditional city streets, unless you are in the capital, Male, hardly to compare to any of the marathon majors cities.
Never thought before that someone would have struggles not finding enough concrete to run a decent long distance route. I should feel lucky.

Fayaz was fun to talk and run with, and l hope one day he will attend a big race and find his dream come true.
Running in the sand and do some strides barefoot is fun, but l guess street races are something too. But l should acknowledge both experiences are great and priceless once finished.

Coming back to the city of concrete l cannot wait to run my streets once again, and still feel the sand in my running shoes. That is my life of happiness currently.

Photo of my daughter barefoot inthe sand. Running path for me.


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