2015. January. Went by fast and too fast. Runs were unmotivated, but not optional. Kept on the road whenever and whereever i could. If not otherwise, even dared the treadmill. Vacation mornings l pretended to be in a training camp and ran the white sand. Challenging enough, but weather and the wind made it tougher. Serious shit was to wake up, still in the dark, agonized with myself whether previous night prosecco intake would affect my run and consider the headache as a hangover, and should in fact stay in bed to cure it. On a daily basis, it was one tough decision to make. But once surviving the daily run it felt awarding to drink prosecco for a breakfast with so much vitamins in the form of fruits and some omega3 from the local fishes.
Have you ever tried running in the maldives?
Well, l tried and l even decided to run a half marathon during my stay. This made me so anxsious l was worried l would fail doing so. Almost did anyways. Combination of humidity wind and the extreme heat accompanied by the previously mentioned glasses of bubblies. But afterall, last day of our stay l did. Just did it.
And all of a sudden, February arrived. Back in hometown, ready for the new challenges.


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