Days and days


Got this image from a runner friend. A girl l got to know through running. This morning run, l finally felt l have the willpower and the interest of running once again. Yes, struggling days are over me, but l’m pretty sure ahead of me as well.
Maintaining a pretty quick tempo, and the cold l once again will have to get used to was today’s task of the kvazibarki coffeerun. Felt great to be with the crew again, although it was too early to recognize all faces upon arrival. 2 laps around the island later made me open my eyes and my mouth too. Though talk was hard as my face froze after a while. So funny to talk like that. I missed the cold, and l missed the talk.
But l know hard days are not over yet. However, receiving a message with a picture like this, accompanied by some note that she thought of me when seeing this made my day, and l felt great.
I feel great to have people noticing each other around me, and love the fact that so little attention can create a smile on the face. Thank you Agi for the kindness and the neverending inspiration we can give each other and spread all around.
February is about motivating and inspiring, giving what we can to the others. Perhaps a smile, worth a thousand words.


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