Today’s #kvazibarki coffeerun left me with the feeling of something weird in my stomach. No matter how hard l tried to manage a decent chat, l was not willing to talk really. I felt myself being an outsider, even though l wasn’t really treated otherwise than any previous occasion. I’m not sure where this feeling really accomodates from, nor how l got to such conclusion. I did get a huge hug, some big smiles, everyone greeted me, and l was also hello-d. Still, l felt a bit out of place.
I’m not sure if this is a game of my mind or something l should really think over.
Lately, likes are not coming, and though things do change l liked to be liked. Acceptance is on the way, but l guess this part is really something l call hard.
Being with a crew is all about honest smiles and big cheers and the enormous crewlove while running. If that is missing l’m not sure what the motivation is to attend a crewrun. You can always be with yourself alone as well.


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