Early but ready


Jetlag made me do it. Waking up 4 in the morning with so much girlpower l looked outside and acknowledged that although l wish and want to run, l was probably too anxsious to own the streets so dark. Moving my lazy ass to the terrace to feel the fresh air, wind hit me, so it became immediately obvious the no run this early can ease my ready so ready body. I’m such a douchebag. Instead i tiptoed back to get my phone and opened the app l haven’t opened for so long, and begun a Nike Training supersilently. Planks won’t wake up anyone. Doing some abs and core later some yoga, and soon the sun came up.
I still feel the urge to run, and l just love this feeling.
Doing the mommy business, after coffee and chat with a friend and now working tells me the raw truth: running must wait. Running errands still awaits for the rest of the day, but the willing to go out there and run later today gives me a smile on my face.
What a difference a day make. Yesterday’s uwillingness turned powerlady by Wednesday, and l’m ready so ready to go.


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