In the name of selfies


What motivates you and me on the run? Is it the running itself of perhaps the opportunity to post about it? Or to sneak into someone else’s everyday poster personality…to check how others are doing, to see some progress of others, and ourselves. Is it healthy? Or is it getting to be an obsession?
Questions, l’m not willing to answer as to face the truth and tell, l’m not only doing what l’m doing but perhaps to show, to poster the world what l’m up to. But am l really this active as l show on SM?
There are discussion among running communities about the necessity of posting a selfie on every 5km ran/jogged/suffered in order to receive acknowledgment in terms of likes and support. Plenty say it is ridicoulous and hopeless. But in the other hand, if one feels proud of the accomplishment than why not? Better than posing on the couch l suppose.
Some gain motivation and inspiration, some simply start to feel the urge to get out and run on some asphalt, if its a quick 5 or even less, who cares, its a moving anyways.
I like looking at selfies and also taking selfies while excercising. I also like likes. Although early morning running selfies just doesn’t feel good. I don’t look good. But l post anyways, because l just did it, and l don’t care how bad and wrinkled l look, how my face is puffed up. In the name of running, l show positive and negative in my selfies, and try to poster a relatively objective diary of my life.
And since its not all about likes, in fact likes for me are just the smiling part and feel of livelyness l believe l can do it.
And if someone thinks its more about selfcreation of what someone would like to be known, well, it is only partly true. Because l’m really like that. With and without smiles or wrinkles or puffiness. And therefore l keep on going as long as l feel like it. And others like it. Or not;).

And l also keep in liking others inspirational photos, comments, blogposts on their everyday life, even if it is only a poster.

In run we are united


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