Healthy eating


I don’t only run l also eat as well. In fact l eat quite an amount, though basically major intake comes once the sun sets. Baaad girl.
Eating healthy is important, just as cruel as the running itself.
Lately, l don’t feel good in my own body, and perhaps it has something to do with my routine of eating habits. In fact, the no routine whatsoever.
I don’t eat meat. I don’t eat pasta, unless it is associated with a party, like carbofueling pre marathon race. I don’t eat potatoe, unless it is vacation time on the Maldives, and it comes as french fries. Bah, l so hate fries after eating so much.
I do eat a lot of cheese ( cheese with cheese and some cheese with prosecco for the late night dinners), fruits, and some greens in the form of salad. This is good. And l like it too.
But usually during office hours its all about snacking on oreos and co. Yak. With some coffee to go. And some diet coke. Yak yak big time.
Although, today was different. We were shooting a short movie with some major fruit basket and the leftovers were put out to our bar. Looked so pretty, and l had to realize, it also tastes good.
The company also invested into a fruitjuicer, perhaps we runners are taking over the majority of the firm.
I was so glad to eat semi healthy during the day, however l could not give up on the coffee and the diet coke.

Still, progress is in sight, and l opt for the happy healthy foods if anyone asks me. Ever:).

Viva la fruits!
Almost feels like spring too.


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