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It just happened. Last month was not really all about running, but perhaps it is not such a babaam issue.
Always did yoga, though when addiction to run started l preferred spending freetime out in the nature-even if it meant concrete jungle-, instead of doing asanas on a mat, inside.
I know, why not outside? It is pretty easy to grab the mat to anywhere. Anyways. Running l was so occupied with, had no time to yoga. What an excuse, right?
But end of January, beginning of February meant flu, loads of work for me, and that extreme supercold feeling in my whole body which kept me back from running.
But not working out is not an option, so l grabbed my laptop opened youtube channel to revisit my long seen digital girlfriend for some yoga doing. And although sweat was so much less than while running, after completing a session l definitely felt better, if not calmed down.
I still prefer running, but l wish l would keep combining it with yoga, not that l have so much time in hand anyways, but it just feels so good for the spine and the tired legs. Mind too.
However, tomorrow, l once again will run a marathon, with no time to pace, and no tiredness in the legs due to lack of excercising as per the previously mentioned reasons. But l feel like running, and all that matters.

Post yoga dreamin’


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