Fashion week and running

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Above selfie was taken exactly at that time l was missing out on Burberry show this year. Not really dressed for the occasion anyways.
My partner in fashion crime – nice naming l just came up with so brilliantly – was not attending either. We both had a choice l would say, though l probably would have to be more active in terms of getting into the show. He of course had a choice too, but obviously he took the other event as well. Me running the usual roots, him attending and well, tadaaam winning the Oscar. OMG! It is so awesome for Eddie Redmayne! We can still make it for SS16 though, but l doubt we would end up sitting next to each other on the plane talking casually about dinner plans, later some party options, etc. anymore, without anyone recognizing.

But this is not the news l wanted to talk about. It is the struggle to choose between two of my great hobbies running and fashion. Though l gotta admit l try to dress as fashionable as l can while running, and l swear l also wear normal clothes when being a civil, which is most of my 24hrs a day. I know, l need to show proof. Will. Sometimes.
So, to cut it short fashion is not my hobby, it is in my blood.
But lately, running too. And one must take measures at the giving moment, which way to go… Since l was pretty far from London Hyde Park, this time, i opted for the run against my couch watching a 15 min livestream of the happenings. So what, l could only see unmoving images of the girls in beautiful clothes after with no athmospere illusion to stuck onto but at least l had a nice run. In the rain. Pretty sophisticated weather condition in the knowledge of the fact that Burberry final is always with either rain or snow. Bravo.

And this is how l missed Prada livestream last night, and will probably miss some more in the coming days.
Whole Paris fashion week will have to wait until l get back from Nagoya Women’s Marathon.

And this is how a fashion addict becomes a runaddict in no time.
I wonder if l could do anything in this life without getting so attached. Same goes for the people l get to know and get to like. But that is another story, and another time.


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