Just another race.
Spontaneous, as usual, l ended up in Nagoya, only a bit of a ride away from home. Hah. 16 hours of flying worth a Tiffany bling.
Lost in translation not so much as being jetlagged and culture shock hasn’t reached me by the time l’m already back in the hood.

Just a marathon l ran on the weekend. On the other side of the world. Only a couple days worth a thousand words and huge emotions came front. Being happy worth a Tifanny neklace. Wanna shout wanna jump wanna this just to stay like this forever.

Weekend put a smile on my face, so much l have not yet been able to realize. Coming back, it is now spring, and smile is constant.

Raceday was kinda hectic, an hour and a half just standing in line for the toilet. Though we probably were in several lines, lost in translation totally. Two blondes we stood out, still could not use this as an extra to get privileges for the mobile toilets. But right on time to actually make it to the start. Goosebumps came traditionally when the anthem started, than later when all of a sudden everyone started to warm up the same way.

I realized, we are 15.000 women here!

Enormous crowd, great power, l had the feel of starting to just hug everyone or cry. I cried a bit. Hugging everyone would probably cause a bit of a lost in translation moment anyways. So we cried and laughed with Karen.
Was better than during run. In Berlin l experienced the cry during racing, it was when i ran through Kreuzberg, and the cheering crowd was so intense. It totally messes up the breathing though… I had to concentrate rather than get moved by the emotions.
And than l ran. AFE Tokyo crew cheered whenever we passed each other, this made me feel powerful once again. Although l am so sorry l could not recognize any of the faces. Lost in mofo translation. Still, a real bridge the gap event!
Than soon it was over, the whole race was over a bit later than l wanted to, but entering the still almost empty stadium – l was pretty front – had such an effect on me, that no matter how many races l attended, this made me feel special once again.
I was glad to finish, l had to stop and look around. Actually the stands were packed with people and they all clapped, but it was different, it was the Japaneese way l guess. It was all so silent. They saluted they acknowledged and bowed at us, finishers. Great emotions arose once again. All of a sudden l was again crying, joyfully. And l wanted to shout, that l’m happy, but l just said arigato.



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