In motion

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I have a running schedule. Which l haven’t been following lately. In fact never really did.
First it was the unmotivational January and February, the cold, the greyness the loss of interest in general. I could not keep up with so many miles written in my runload sheet.
Circumstances were tough and l did not feel to be in motion.
Than came March, and i’m flying. I have the power of the world – or so l feel- and l just run. I collect miles, though l tend to stop my watch when stopping for a red light or traffic, or simply stopping from running for a goodfeel reason. I cannot keep the distance l should be doing, because l just run more. I feel ok. I enjoy being in motion.

I’ve got a call from coach last night, to take it more seriously. I will. But now l enjoy my wings getting back. And l stay in motion.

Motivation comes with springish weather which seems to be gone but who cares, because l have the best cap, and the constant smile. But motivation can come even from work.

Meeting in regard of a new production starting to shoot supersoon with long seen colleagues l was told how l helped one of them to start running. He in fact seemed healthier and about twenty kilos lighter. What a difference 3 months makes, the last time we met. Motion picture business can be tough, long working hours, followed by social requirements known as drinking and co with producers and cast&crew. To keep the good flow going. A lot of stress too. Smoking. And some more drinking. Close to no sleep for months with on set food, craft junkfood. No wonder these can lead to extreme weight gain if the person is built up like that. But this guy l inspired so much, he started to work out, and now he is running too. I brought him into motion.
And I’m so proud. Yeah! This motivates me so much, and keeps me in motion too.

Although l do prefer to be known for some as the offline me. In motion, and when time just stops…


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