Plan vs spontaneity


Remember waiting 7 am just 5 days ago in Nagoya for the race to start, still not dressed down to racegear, listening to the usual lift me up sounds of Chet Faker and the rest. I was thinking the usual as usual too, the why.
Why decide on a run to partake, when l have so much doubt pre race all the time. I’m both worried and excited, don’t want to run, l constantly have to pee, l hate the gel, l cannot see myself running over three hours, in this case travelling half of the world alone, staying in a hotel and eating alone most of the times, though l was not alone at all.
So, many thoughts pre race.
Which are so gone with passing the finish line. After finishing l usually think of the next move immediately. Love running.

Having a run plan to stick to, l have a day off today. But what if l just feel like running? Am l restricted to do so really? Why are days when l just don’t want but have to, and the days l wan’t but not in the plan?
I’m more spontan than sticking to the rules. I don’t feel like swimming, l want to run. I need some time for the brain to loose the thoughts so occupied by. If l call it a jog, would that mean l can do it?

I chose to run to enjoy. Whenever and whereever. When l feel like it. And now l’m back to the good old days, when l train, not only run. Goals are goals.

I miss my run time today.


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