L i m i t s

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Just in time when you think you run ok, like a decent pace, distance, and keep up in any terrain.
Not so much it turns out.
Running the usual routes, the usual roads and tracks with the same group of people, keeping some diversity not to be totally bored of the same view and crew, but still listening to the same music, know every small or larger stride, easy.
Even previously unknown places when travelling, I tend to run on the safe side – concrete jungle, the less the bridges the better, almost no elevation if possible.
But all of a sudden, new path is front, something different, the roads are not so straight, nor flat. Instead, there is elevation, rocks and brenches, even the occasional steps along were much higher than ever before ran. It is the woods not the hood. One must be careful, for the sake of the legs. However, looking around gives a beautiful view, something that calms the mind really, no matter how high the heartbeat rate is.
It is not an excuse, but I enjoyed the view I enjoyed every enjoyable second of it. And therefore I did not push myself hard enough. Violets along the way, the city view from above, the sounds of the birds and running steps. All felt great. Not sure second time would not give the same effect though.
But still, realizing I’m nowhere near someone on these road gave the realisation that I should never ever call myself even a recreational runner. I hated that I had to be waited on, I must have messed up some running plans, I never intended to do so. I almost fooled myself that I am fit by never trying out how running a trail in serious manner previously. The power of receiving likes and acknowledgment I guess. By posting the same routines over and over again.

Funny how life gives a twist as happenings of lately. A phonecall that really makes me proud but also question a lot of things, however no biggie, just asked to take part in a running crew and its organizings. Already raises the doubt of whether am I the right one to be chosen for this. It is all about the power of receiving likes, fvck social media effects on consumer behavior.

In the other hand, these should give some new perspective in life and most of all, motivation to run some more in the woods and along the rocks and stones and benches and flowers and insects and birds- the so called nature.

Enjoying this is already checked and the feel is approved, only some work has to be done to be able to actually run it. And prove myself that i can #justdoit.


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