Girls vs boys


Overhearing some comments on a girl who always runs with the fast guys made me think the other day.
Obviously this girl is not me, I cannot keep up with the fast big guns, but in the other hand I also like running with males. Though I also like running with girls. Oh, and I like to run alone as well. Most of the times at least.

So what is the big deal with running with guys vs girls or perhaps alone?

I should probably take a more accurate experiment on the topic, but so far these are the subjective facts in regard, starting with the guys:

– guys I run with are usually faster
– they always make jokes along the way, which are usually not funny for me
– guys greet pretty and/or ugly girls while running, after passing they comment on them in such a way, I immediately have a feeling that I’m probably not even considered as a female in the group. There were some occasion I had to have my voice heard and say, heeeey, I’m a girl, watch the tone.
– guys actually small talk and even more suprisingly gossip quite a lot
– they can talk a lot
– but also discuss running in a more scientific manner -chineese to me
– this needs further and deeper check, but not all running men started running because of a major issue in their life (like girls cutting their hair after a break up, or start running haha)

In the other hand, girls I run with are:
– gossiping, but mainly about mommy issues
– they talk about gear, but in such a scientific way it is chineese to me
– they whine. About life in general, or the specific run, or anything. Really anything.
– they smile on photos
– and make their hair before the photo is taken.
– pose
– they start running for a reason, usually more deep meaning than only to loose weight
– girls talk about guys when passing, things like: wow. Unable to talk much more, afterall it is a run, gotta push
– probably talk about running all the time when off running, with occasional whining on topics nonrun related.
– girls are more teammembers, they tend to run together much more.
– take lot of selfies

I run with both girls and guys. Sometimes it is too slow running with the girls, but I prefer to chat. Sometimes it is too fast to run with the guys, but it just feels good to push myself a bit.

And there are girls who are much faster than the guys, and guys so much slower than my therapy runner girl friends. But I don’t run with them, nor I know them. And that is all good. Running community.


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