Open up


and other things..

When started this therapy session called running, the plan was to go with the flow, and run as much as I wanted. No pace, no race.
Well, after a year of running, I’m pretty sure I moved from stage 1 to something else.
I pace and I race.
One thing remained though. Waking up in the morning so early that although its already almost bright and shine I prefer to go for a go. Morning running is fun. Finishing by the time traffic starts to jam, people start moving on the streets with nosmile, grayscale. Thursdays we go #likeagirl, with ladies coming up with the name gökotta girls. Wintertime we chased the sunrise, them taking photos of the colors. I’m not so good with sunrise sunset photos. Rather enjoy the view, romantic looking photos of the horizon bore me too much unfortunately. In 2D you don’t have the smell, the athmosphere, the touch of realness. Also, I took photography courses (several actually) for too long to know, that I’m more keen to take pictures of people, especially when they have deep thoughts shining through their eyes. Teachers and established photographers also say sunrise/sunset are only for romantic purposes.
Still, admit sunrise is pretty.
People are pretty too.
Not in the morning though, rushing to work, honking in their cars. Tough life of the everydays, eh.

And by 9 am I’m one of them. Irritated already, wonder what would happen if skipped running. So I prefer running pre work.
Even if work is pre run as well. One of those weeks when sleep seems a dream. But I never stop dreaming.

Early morning run is fun, and pretty useful when having a work schedule so tight. Seriously, springtime I prefer the run to the bed and too early is never too early.

Constant smile. Proudness. And a bit of calmness. To own my own day for the rest.

When running the morning alone, my mind having the game on so clear and harsh, still I surprise myself with loosing heavy thoughts to enjoy the feel instead. Which is such a good therapy. Feelgoodrun.
Also opening up to myself, seeing things in more perspective, what really made me mad just half an hour, it is all gone by the moment I pass the 3-4 km mark. Awesome. Wow effect.
Solutions, creativity hits me, like it comes 2am, but I cannot write it down so I just forget.

That’s about my open up morning run, instead of chasing the sunrise, I keep or make myself calm, and by looking out to the world to examine, I explore my inside meanwhile.


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