Thanks for the winter. Season to survive in order to enjoy spring even more.
Seriously winter should be white snow, sunshine, and ok weather. No greyness, no low mood, no extreme cold. Or perhaps extreme cold only for occasions when running. In that case it could be chillyfreaking freeze. I like that, because afterwards I feel the reward of getting out and accomplish even more.
But spring is spring. Sun sun sun. Fun. I completely forgot in the otherhand that spring is also windy. I think words cannot describe how much I hate it. No way to ignore, even when feeling the happiest.
And today I feel happy. And annoyed of the mofo wind. Need to run. Need of fresh air. Need to think and not to think. There are things, those unspoken matters that are kept secret in me no matter how much I talk/chat/been asked by and with my friends, closest ones included. Even though I would love to share some words, ever so proudly when you just wanna shout because so excited, there are things noone else’s business. This is dealt inside of me, and while running I can raise the questions may come up in regard. If there are any questions by the way, obvious is obvious.

Today, waking up already tired, headache from surprise surprise not from boozing around this time, but the enormous intake on junk food throughout yesterday. Working with clients mean ugly food, but fun in terms of feeling effective. Because when I didn’t munch on some so called organic cookies (no way these consider healthy at all!) I actually talked. Discussion smart. I can do that too, or so I believe so.

Sometimes looked out of the window and saw the beautiful sunny day, wishing I was out there.

I’m like a flower, turning to the direction of the sun. D vitamin makes me smile, feelings make me happy. Fill me up.

Friday is cloudy, windy and almost no sunshine, although I’m wearing pyjama pants and my favorite givenchy slip-ons (no sneaker chicksinkicks friday omg, it is spring) from so last season, weather seem not to take notice of my need of real spring however. But I just don’t care, it is spring for me, and for this lovely violet too.


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