No make up


This Saturday. Missing my run, missing my smile, missing the one out there.
Late night outing caused guilt made me skip morning run with some additional headache due to overreactively heavy thoughts and perhaps too much non sleeping lately.
Morning was morningish. Felt not good to be awake and get on the go.

It didn’t take too long to realize however, today I go ladylike.
Budapest Fashion Days are on, and I’m on as well. For a monent of so I actually thought of wearing heels, but i rather chose my Riccardo Tisci AF1-s. Brown ones, but I still hesitate to change to the black, or perhaps the white? Too much shoes too many problems. Being loyal to the company I assume, but it probably just being and feeling comfortable in an environment having so much mask and make up on.
I don’t wear make up. Ever. Ok, not true, I was 17 once. I had my part to take on so much base and mascara and lipsticks and so, way too much perhaps. But those were only for shows limited time. Never preferred any stuff on my face in normal life.

Hungarian, or more likely Budapest fashion victims and professionals are no others like the rest of the world. Show off. Smile front, gossip in the back. Gotta know the right people.

I’m scared of them, like I’m scared in any other fashion cities I’ve been too and attanded fashion weeks. You gotta be someone and gotta know someone, you gotta stand out, thats the rule. I’m no good in that if I feel insecure. And I feel enormously insecure with and among label dressed fashion addicts.

But today, I go with the crowd, and I go with friends, gotta know the someones, who are everyday part of the fashion circle of the city. I guess I became one of the Budapest fashion few, the ones being invited to the front row, the ones put make up on and dress up to stand out. Not.
No make up is my trademark to be.

Starting noon with some cooking and drinking we are no ordinary vogue items. We eat rather than starve, we laugh and smile and drink, rather than being nervous of streetphotographers to recognise us. We enjoy.

Long day is ahead. And I missed my running. Today the catwalk runway is my runway. Style2walk ON.


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