A new piece of art hanging on my mother-in-law’s wall. Picture does not give justice, colorwise. The green is actually so overly saturated blindingly unbearable. But I kinda like the actual paint on it. She traded it for some family wine of her little vacay house in Szentgyorgyhegy. Goes (almost) ok as spritz. Well precisely every ten years or so, we get lucky we are able to drink it. Cannot drink much though, so no headache the next day. Pretty awesome.

So many moodswings and never said out loud words stuck in my mind, keeping my face occupied so much, I actually look busy. But cannot concentrate to work, although I’m pretty good with switching my mind when needed.

Contemporary thoughts in no specific order – they are contemporary
Too bad I know that my words are read this time … Anyways …
I feel bad to have so many ifs and I wish-s
I feel bad giving the impression to not care just because I keep a conversation while my daugther is around. I love her, and I’m an ok mother. Or so I hope so.
I feel bad coming home and do the same routines over and over again.
No, I don’t hate it, just want to be somewhere else. Sometimes. Now.
I feel good.
Than I feel bad.
I hate not to take every second of available time with superexcitment. Those times I so wish to finally happen.
And when they happen, I’m not there, least not fully there.
I love that I feel.
And when the moments are over I just feel bad it is already over.
I cannot wait to be Friday.
I just realize I’m casually eating cheese while typing. Cambozola.
Love the fact Cambozola is associated with me, and being thought of me.
I hate that I’m smoking.
It is nice to see how my daugther is watering our noflower flower pots in her balerina outfit and rainboots even though it’s been raining all day.
So occupied with thoughts, while writing emails professionaly mistyping words. My trademark.
No drafts, just words coming to mind.
Wanna be somewhere else.
And wanna be here.
But I just cannot wait for tomorrow.
Mornings are mornings.
Clear and calm with wrinkles but I don’t care.
Loving the wrinkles around the eyes.
Smiling ones.
Lovely ones.
Thinking constantly…
I’m outta here.

when you just write:think:post something meaningful at the same time. Best


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