Bang bang


Another day another way.
Too much work not enough run.
Too much wind not enough fun.

It is the feel, it is the smell. Feel like not writing. Silentmode. Perhaps said too much already. There are good laughs, and a smell I can still smell all that matters.

Turned to working mood, superhectic supercrazy. Loving it. Though could not make it to the runningfields. My fault. And the wind’s. I could make time to sneak out, but rather choose to be occupied. We are no brain surgeants. We entertain people.
Same same but different.
Director – the not so fun one – actually tried to joke around today telling how there is this drawing of a surgery room where two doctors stand over an openchested patient – blood is all around, no PG rated american movie at all – discussing how they are no filmmakers.
We are bigheaded proud people. Just because we think we make people help pass their free time. But in fact all we do is producing shitty movies over and over again. Some are watchable, most of them if make it to big screen at all you wish you sleeped through instead. At least it is dark in the cinemas. When only dvd release, you don’t even care to watch after torrenting. If takint the time to look after it at all.

We, the movie people are so ordinary however, with so ordinary problems, some of us hate working. I’m not one of us. I love being occupied, takes the pressure off of thinking. While thinking. Brain must solve all kind of problems. Ordinary and not so ordinary ones. Cliches of the star studded ones, time management of the star studded wannabe ones. There are no workshifts there are no unavailability. Must be present. And sometimes just looked to be occupied in order to stay on the scene. Not this time though, employees already complaining on day zero over overtimes, streched working days. Must deal with it.

This is no style nor run.
But I do it with style anyways.
If run had to be delayed.

And when the long awaited rest time finally arrives, both European and US fingers stopped typing, heads fall on their desk, the brain and body still on, at least for me.
But eventually even without yoga I finally fall asleep, and dream.
And dreams are meant to be wished to come true. Not this time, it isn’t a good dream.

Must redream.
Until than, workaholic mood.
No style no run.
Wish for both. And a good dream to come true.


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