C e n t e r p o i n t


All because of the watch.
In a day I will become a pacer. The so called pacer with some extra duties, all that matters probably, cause I’m the old and wise on the team.
My watch stopped functioning. Sign? Not really. I believe in signs, so I do not take this seriously. Been there done that. Just less than a week ago I experienced. Not really. Yes, super really, but it wasn’t me. Signs are there, but perhaps misunderstood. As usually everything in a beginning. If a beginning begins. Doubts. Not really. If our own personal doubts. Otherwise may be. May means definitely. Life. Tick tack.
But my watch. Cannot find gps. And I will become a pacer tomorrow. Hope no official introduction, I’m no good in that. Being shy. New environment.
But my watch. I’m not lost. Not even without my watch. Another sign. I have to feel my pace I was told. Not today’s chrono, this morning we ran a pace I felt was powerful, just as the stopping for that one specific moment. Not really. It was the most powerful. Eyes. With the sunrise.
Moments. Missing on my watch. But so real. So powerful.
My watch. I can function without. Just as I was told. But I prefer. Doesn’t matter. That much. Because there are moments, when time is not relevant.
Will be running an ultra, but not really an ultra, adding up becomes a lot. With or without a watch, but hopefully someone to look after me, when the angels might give up on me.
But tomorrow, I will be a pacer. Just one of them. Just like one of these shadows up there.
We are no shadows, not really. We are real and we are crew. And we build each other up. We will and run together, we will suffer and laugh and enjoy together.
Because we are also a team.
I’m a pacer
I’m an ultra teammember of two
I’m a pusher
I’m in center- not really, just a projection
I’m in the back of thoughts
I’m in thoughts I wish
But I’m also a we, because we are team.
With or without my watch. Tick tack.

Bond is getting so extremely and powerfully build up as the race approaching, feeling childishly excited yet nervous. Really. There is no not.
Centerpoint of thoughts.

I will be a pacer, and I will be a member in some epic shit two of us running 220km in less than 1,5 days. But when time stops… I stay myself. No tick tack.
And smile.


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