C h a r a c t e r s


Ph. by Corinne Day


I know I said I hate playing characters.
This isn’t quite true. When forced, I immediately feel forced and paralyzed to act normal or so. But when it is for fun, even for serious fun, than it is fun.
Missed today’s run and I missed today’s character as being someone I need to forcesmile for. And it was just perfectly ok.
Instead I put on a character for a game, a play, a perhaps startpoint of an introducton to our inner self for better understanding. To acknowledge and perhaps realize the common perspectives and easy flow. With no words involve of true meaning you pick up the tempo, you play along, you feel good. Where the fish are mute. Idealistic, not so much, this really can happen. This at least.

Job offer on the other hand. Dream come true too. Seriously, really? In need to find out.

I sometimes feel I need something in case it was only a dream. Something to remember all. A tattoo but not so provocative and obvious, something to look at for a good smile.
I know in running we are united. But more personal, more which belongs to us. Runners are romantic I guess. Who would have thought.

There were days when for missing running I could kill, or at least break plates like an authentic Italian. There were days when I thought running could be taken away from me and I could scream for such scandal not to happen. Today, I am confident enough to realize, sometimes run can wait, and sometimes cannot happen.
And to play along after having and acknowledging some serious scenarios are fine enough.

I think what really counts is to be sure of myself. And I have no doubt.
No, not yet.


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