It is something you really wish for and have do the total opposite. Seriously out of comfortzone. But in running when you achieve you are glad to have it done. Proud and happy. I prefer running to be out of comfortzone instead of the rest of life please. In fact I would promise to take all track attack intervalls just in case. An running up that hill. Ooh, but I like that.


There are things you cannot really plan nor schedule. Things you cannot controll in life. Some you can. Like emotional ones. Yeah right. Being cinical.
Not really.
15 K for the day. Wind checks in and this leads to enormous downfall. Seriously, I got enough of the wind. Seriously? I’m pissed off. I’m not an easy one, I’m not someone who play around with. Pissed off.
These are PC words.
Seriously out of comfortzone
Not that comfortzone would be easier, but anyways, no words can explain.
I’m probably worth more. Worth more said some time ago, said everytime.
But afterall I’m not.
No pain no gain.
Because I’m not. I’ m just someone for the moment, and that it is. To totally turn backs on to, and leave behind.
Like a hygge.


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