Kathrine Switzer, Boston Marathon 1967
Illegal Finisher

And this other one.
I got to have the chance to sneak into lives through social media. This is how I found this lady, the one really inspired me to restart running, but in fact her whole attitude what really caught me, the power and the easiness in her everyday and not easy life that came through her photos so catching my eyes, I wanted to live her life I assume. I checked her page on a daily basis to get some of her vibe, to see what she is up to, is she was doing ok. She occasionally posted running related photos, more and more as time passed. I wanted to feel the same she felt. The single mom, the working woman, the running mate, the kickass coppenhagen babe. Role model of a kind, though I thought some things I could do better perhaps. But in the other hand I was mesmerized how she always managed to stay happy and inspirational even though being single and with kids, working but still having time to run and be nice to every single person.
We started talking when she and her friends launched a movement, and they thought I was a good one to join somehow. I did and felt proud. We kept in touch on a really basic way. Until now, when she wrote me and asked me how I do it.
And I didn’t understand what she meant. She is the most inspiration for me, the smile, the willpower she broadcasts, I thought she must know better than asking me, the complete zombie I am being lately.
We project things into others. But in order to see her, him, them in true light you gotta look into yourself first. What you need, what you want need to be burried away, all selfisness and proudness must be left behind and than can be the object analyzed. True and naked perhaps, no allures, no playing around, nothing but the person itself in her or his pure values.

Time is pretty subjective in this case I guess, weeks passed since we started our conversation. Like hungry lions turned crazy elementary school kids. We have a common interest. We run. For different reasons perhaps, bit for the same goal, to feel ourselves in our pure selves, naked down to our bones and muscles if any, not in my case though. No muscles no problems, not exactly.


Why do I carry a dream? Why do I get out there and push myself so hard I cannot even remember how I got there and later got home. And in fact don’t remember what I’ve done last night, and just five minutes ago. Is this fvcking real? Feeling so high and so low? I want to spend just one day to find it out.


While running we talk a bit, not much. Everyone leaves the minute our run is over, we have a life, we must go. I do not only run for the run only anymore. I run, because I enjoy the company, more or less or even most. Do I know anyone, does anyone know me at all? Are they interested in my personality? Or am I? Would be so nice to meet people with a change of view and activity, to see them in jeans and or no technical shirts. See them in real light, no neon colors making their face look darker or faded even more. Talk about the same things, but not checking our watch for km average.

This lady reached out to me, once again she was the one, who wanted to know more than the average wants to know. More than PB-s, more than basic smiles. She was interested in me as much as I am interested in her, only she dared to ask me, the true motives, the harshness of eveydays, the life we live out of picture frames and fancy hastags. The real us. What is inside.

And I realized. I run not only for the fitness, not only for the body image, nor for the runner’s high, but to get to know pure souls with no labels, but lives.


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