Life is like intervalls.

Writing it out.

Runs are measured through distance. Love is measured through distance.
Run is also measured by time. Love too.
Writing it out.
Trying it out.
Life is such a joke, if lived jokingly, it was the work just a week ago, now it’s life what makes me running around. Literally. Time management issues. Do you have a minute? Not much left this week, today, this hour, in this specific minute. My thoughts are occupied, only to realize my thoughts needs to be occupied. Routines and unexpected life situations, like living in a normal world. But it is work as well. And life as well. Hard to sneak the running in. Overloading with todo-s to be checked and done.
Seasonal additions, like packing for an afternoon running in the morning – because I was invited but did not go run in dawn -, yesterday was cold, I packed for a semi-cold run just to realize by 10am that it is summer, and will melt in clothes I was willing to wear the afternoon. Overexplained.
Momduty additions, like realizing passport and ID too expired, waiting in lines for an urgent process in order to be able to travel – which I just don’t feel like doing right now – before taking the usual routes to the kindergarten. Shopping for just another birthday bash, third on the week, though it is only wednesday. My daughter is popular.
Friendly additions, like meeting one for a coffee to talk, and hopefully laugh – this needs to be postponed, work additions came top of the hill. Another one, not even a friend, but seems friendly, keep contacting for a friendly chat for two days. Cancelling once again might lead to not contacting me no more? Not that it is that important, gossiping only? Who knows, who cares.

Life is like intervalls. There are minutes you stop, but so tired you just cannot calm down, and by the time you should enjoy the moment, next speed time is up. Running in circles – literally.
You wish for a happy ending, when it is still not the end, but the point to enjoy and lie down just to acknowledge and rest. Like intervalls. You push and than you rest a bit in order to be able to run again. There must be some academic word for this, some word runners say when I don’t listen, the chineese ones heh.
But then when intervall training finishes, euphoria gets into the way, the fvckin’ didit feeling, that is what is missing in life after a peak of the intervall part, that is becuase it is neverending though. No end to a life as a practice.

Just realized I had a moment today. Enjoy? Should however, my head is still out of the water. Sounds in my ears, don’t feel it today, mood. Something is missing, perhaps my interest in anything really.

Distance-wise? I must have run/walk/speedwalked quite a quatermarathon today, still I have not put on my running flyknits. I’m in my Acne sneakers, the one with the smiley face. No smile nor unhappy face to be precise.


These ones. Mood of the day. I like these shoes. Good for the distance. Meaningful for the distancing.

Because distance is something between A & B. But also for A to B. The way is a distance. And time perhaps.

One of those posts that makes no sense while makes sense. No nonsense.

Weatherbeautiful and I wish I could run some distance. But I know I have intervalls in the evening. In gear I will melt in. Like those bonbons I have not have the willpower to start eating, and will probably melt in the summerheat at one point. But that is in distance in time. Summer is still not here, hey.
Got so much until then.


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