run baby run


Seen on the walls of NY.

Only is present tense. Run.

Because when the sun comes up new days new ways new routes come along. Or not. Maybe it is the same way the same pace the same time the same guy the same girls, but it is still the run, the lonely, the solo, the social, the fun, the worse and the better or perhaps the best. Run to be flat or hilly, hard terrain, single track, on the track, rainy or warm, cold or chilly, easy or hard, laughing or wrinkled or perhaps both. The shoes feel good or bad, they are comfortable or nice, ugly and runned down, brand new or pink or black, feel ok or just pretty nice, nike or hoka. Beauty and the beast. The mood to go or not go, but still go, or give up to sleep and or dream something bad, or to dream something so beautifully idealistic, or go and hate or go and love, or simply go because the alarm went off and just simply love, purely as nothing else matters. Than and there.

Run. Addiction, therapy, fun, moving, flying, joy-ing enjoying, hate, love.

Morning early or earlier, or later, after or before coffee, noon, for lunch, before or after lunch, at 2pm when the kids are asleep and a friend helps, 4 when the kids are at the playground with friends just for a quick 5.4 km, evening when the sun sets, night when the citylights are beautiful. Or midnight I’ve never done before. Or night when headlamp is needed. 

Anywhere and everywhere. 

We are the best. In real no ideals.


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