Bike dem

When in Rome… Not, I’m back to hometown, the one I socialized and grew up in. My second home, or more precisely, my home. Amsterdam. Damn fine, I’m so feeling it, and cannot wait to meet all and everyone. 

Bike dem on the best surface, rain and wind, and sunshine. So long, so now it seems, and weeks went but felt like hours, I’m so feeling it. 

Starting at the Balie for a quick dinner/wine, the one I spent my young me at, looking at the table next, the girl feelin’ happy having the uitstralling, the vibe I used to have, talking to this man, probably a Jan or a Jip, or a van der Linden, a one night stand or someone for years, like a Laurens, might be one of the thousands or someone you plan a life with, and she is so energetic and drinking biertje. And it all comes back the days I spent here, the weeks felt like hours. 

Uitstralling I still have, guys still notice, I still notice, in fact I’m confidence and decandent, love the way strangers are so friendly, I missed that, I look out of the window, looking at the lined up cabs, looking for Sacha my girl, the model/taxidriver we posed for too many magazines sometimes together, the girl we used to live on gummibears with, just across the street, the pathé we always went for Tuesday’s nights for sneak previews with some beer, and enjoyed for two guldens. We watched good and so bad movies, and later we got into Paradiso to dance the night away. Even later, early morning we moved to the Lux, now called something else I will enter in an hour or so once again. The Haagen Dazs became an H&M, that feels a downgrade, but the receptionist at the hotel seems familiar, and we already talked a bit, knows my way, had been to Cooldown omg this is embarassing but I did too, having the dreadlocks, and totally knows my way. Herman Brood we talk about, did you really know him, indeed I was painted together with Sacha just so many years ago by him. Yes, Sacha’s dad is the one having the jazz bar so awesome just a block away from my old flat, we should definitely go to tomorrow, this is his day off. Daughter loves it too, feels me loving it, she is mesmerized by the shoowindow of the mini store, I haven’t seen, must be new, she points out a car she wants, hah, if she knew.

Bakfiets sightseeing, we hope the weather stays as beautiful as it is. 

Must wake up early though, run awaits, locking down the bike for the day, I love this city, I lived this city. 

I must go. Vibe is so on, I missed it. Daughter sleeping, sun sat as well it is night, and I’m downstairs, casually talking with a bier in hand with someone I didn’t even know five minutes ago, but it is all good, it is all so natufal, the bier getting the foam upgraded with a napkin. Online mode turns offline now to enjoy the fullest. Because I’m back, the scandinavian in the Nederlands I was always phrased. I must be drunk though. 


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