In A’dam.

Something is different here compare to any and/or another country, perhaps the openness of the mankind, talking about nothing seriouss with strangers. Italians do it the same, but the dutch way I prefer.  Leaving for an early run, never done this before here. I see people still coming from one place going to the other. Party faces. Already sunrise, already saturday morning. Never done this before. 

Never ran at this hour here, in fact I probably went to one place to another as well. Youth me, young me.

I went to Vondelpark to run, so empty, I almost feel lost. Running the streets where all the litter still awaits to be cleaned up. I remember when walking the streets early morning with the cleaning squad in full service, and I thought that was early, but in fact this is early. Me running so early. Litter on the streets. I run along, I know every corner, though some stores closed down and new came along. Noticing the change and the well remained. The pizza place we used to go to, the albert heijn where the security guard was the same one I hung out with at the jazz bar I called my regular place. I run along the designer store used to be opened from 8pm on til midnight, owned by the best gays I met in this city. When they opened a filiale in Berlin, I was so happy to step by, only to realize it isn’t the same. They are not open, in fact it is shut down, the flag store on the Spuyt. I go and check Laundry Industry where I used to spend all my money for clothes – well, my dad’s money more precisely- , it is also gone. Nike town as well under construction. Run along. PC Hoofdstraat, in the corner was my Godiva heaven. Gone, shut down, and I’m devastated. All my stores seem to be restored by a Gstar store, really? 

I missed the run with the Pattas, but meeting for a wine afterwards, it feels natural. Instagram really makes people meet and find each other. Tomorrow I go with the Junkies, cannot wait for that run.

Still early in terms of Amsterdam time. Sunday, before noon it is all silent and calm. I meet Natalie, and she shows me the special cookies she bought for the king’s day. We go to Vondelpark, it is raining, it is a bit windy, I start to sip my first wine glass around noon. Ik voel plezier, in fact I love it. People are different here. They are talkative and easy. You make contact in such a short notice. It is small talk, but this is my way. i did it my way – love the song performed by Herman though. Will always remember him like that, he did it his way jumping off the Hilton I wish I could hate him for that. Talking to everyone – I love your shoes/ ik hou van je schoen, ben je ook hardlopen soms? Do you also run? I smoke and he smokes, he is high I’m tipsy, and we both run, but it is Konign Dag evening , no surprise. I go into the adidas store, just in case, I really wish for the Stan Smith ones. Out of stock, I knew, I checked. Being a nikebaby anyways. I need those shoes I cannot seem to find.

Hazel starts turns rain, usual I got used to it, 10-15 yrs ago. I give my hat to the daughter but she wants my cycling cap, understandable, it is pink, so wr trade and change; at first it seems weird, but than again, ownership matters do not matter.

I start to feel the celebration after a bottle of wine, I get some compliments on my oranje flyknits I’m wearing. Though there are my running shoes, I wear prouldy, cause only I know the thruth:  I only brought this one pair for the trip, hoping to find new ones in town. Instead, defeat lead me to spend my shoe money on some sour gummy bears, in fact, a lot.

I gotta brush my teeth after and gotta go to Lux again. 

Saturday night live, I’m a runner I’m a lover, I’m full of life. 

And overdoses on snoopje.


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