At the Lux finally. Been here done that and I’m daydreaming … the music the vibe the feel. Want to show. Want to show my way. 

Started the day with some more sleep, turning from left side to right. I felt a bit of a guilt for not running the morning. But than again I ran at 10, with the junkies, hangovered? I wasn’t the most worn down. Easy pace and loads a talk, fun to feel the power of running crewlove especially in this city.

Day going by so fast, the whole trip going by so fast. With a whole lot of daydreaming along, no time to meet up with quite a few, no time to visit stores, nor to stand in line for the museums. A quicky. 

But I sticked to the plan, Lux is a must. It used to be white, the white bar, minimalistic with the best hapjes bij jouw drinks. Assorted nuts but all from the best. Or perhaps, I was still in university and had no taste in food at all and it didn’t matter. No nuts with drinks, no more white minimalism, but the same crowd, where I still feel I belong, I don’t feel old. Not today, never in fact. I drink, in fact I drink too much. 

There are no limits – quote of my day. Run drink run. Smoke as well. Bad girl. Who daydreams.

I look at the wall, and i wonder if the painting is more like me or KateMoss. Doesn’t matter, I like it.


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