My well deserved scar, heartshaped and proudly presents itself in every move I make, putting down my elbow on the table, it feels, doesn’t hurt just simply being uncomfortable. 

Having a Monday night out with the texan biologist, the sportlady still she could drink too. Call it a night, but we started tasting wines in daylight. I’m glad we got drunk sooner than had the chance to taste them all, saved for next time, though I will never ever drink alcohol in my life. #dailyresolution for the nextdays

How and when I got home blurred in, when I get my memory back I will know more. However, I woke up at 5am, with no alarm going off, felt powerful I guess, probably up til the moment of actually standing up. For a brief second I considered giving up on the caférun, isn’t much fun to run 5 k back and forth alone just to meet some people to say hi while running another 5 with them. I can do the alone part all the way, but once I meet people it is hard to jump back on the solo run wagon to get home. 

But rethinking I knew I wouldn’t fall back asleep anyways, so I started to get myself going. Running along the river listening to easygoing happy songs I wondered how my moving looked like. I thought I wasn’t at my best, uncoordinated strides. Even considered that my legs probably randomly hit the ground, loosing rhythm, not that I had it on the first place. Was dizzy and the sun too bright, traffic emerging, people passing me by in bikes, me putting one feet after the other, arms just moving around, like a firsttimer runner who skipped running technique practice. It didn’t feel so good, but I started to feel to be awake after 10k so I thought I made the right choice to run instead of getting back to bed for another hour of sleep.

Not that you could go bad choice with running. At least not me. At least now.

I like to run. Love/Hate cycle on the peak. 

Heartshaped scar.

Tired legs.

And the really bad way of fueling.

I probably need more an eating- rather than a running plan. Or perhaps any plan. Race plan too. Drink plan. Feel plan. A plan plan. 

Not too long ago, I unintentionally ran around on some streets as a shake out run, and as per the gps I ran a heartshape, upside down one, but still counts. Twisted hearts are still hearts. Scar being a heart too, this seems to be a pattern, wonder where will I find the third sign of me love2run.


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