U L T R A 

“With their outsanding energy surge, an Aries feel things with ULTRA intensity.”

Running into motivational runspiration quotes on a daily basis, wondering if those who post them ever get up from the couch to get on the move, I don’t live on words but rather take the run to make me inspirational. 

However, when only three weeks to go until the 110km to run, I do like sentences containing the word ULTRA in it. The quote above especially, it is so me, without the Coelho big truth kinda way. I do everything ULTRA.

The lake we are going to run around. Hopefully. Enjoy. Suffer. Live through. Finish. With the proud and pain and no other purpose. And to never stop loving running.

ULTRA anxious

ULTRA doubtfull

ULTRA crazy

ULTRA sensitive emotionally

ULTRA expectant

Seriously cannot wait to do it. I’m not sure whether I am at all ready both physically and mentally, but I sure feel like it. Now. In this specific moment, I ULTRAfeel it. 

Tomorrow, or even in 5 minutes I’m ULTRAsure I will just feel totally the opposite.

Or not.

ULTRA doubts ON.


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