Brain seems occupied with the race so much, I must be superboring in fact ultraboring to others. Serious doubts than serious excitment change on a matter of seconds.


Expectations. Not that I have any in terms of time, other than be able to finish as soon as possible. Afraid of sleep deprivation, tiredness and or falling asleep while running, is that possible? Should I sleep previously as much as I can, or should I not? 

Tapering. I can do that. Possibly. The body rests and awaits while the mind sets onto racemode, that seems a harder part, will see. Something new, something different to come up, will my mind be able to cope with it? Nervousness is ok up til a point, makes the excitment even more exciting, race conditions drive me. Rundorphins awaiting. It is a mind game to take it easy vs trying hard. Both in this case I suppose. Possible enjoyment, but I doubt. When over with it, I guess than comes the real fun part. Running 220km takes time, a lot of time and courage and power and cry&smile. Will we be tired for sure, but how tired? Will I smile? Will I jump around of happiness, or just hide in the car and sleep comfortably as possible. Will it hurt, like really hurt? Whining versus crying. 

Weather. Warm is ok, hot is ok too, wind is ok if hot, rain is ok if no wind, cold is ok, if not so cold. Overnight cooling down is ok, when running. I will be cold after my parts of the relay, this makes me wonder, is there a hot bath a shower or a hot tea on the way.

Change. Change clothes on the way. I don’t mind, I’m no nomad but don’t care, I don’t want to be cold. Must feel comfortable on and off running too. Body needs the rest, mind too. I’m worried to be alone when off running. Will be alone…

Accompanion. Relying on, but it is my race it is me running. Will I take it natural, will I leave the fact that someone is watching my every move behind and able to concentrate on the run? Will I turn to be a total bitch, a crying little wreck, or perhaps take it easy as possible in regards of running my 110km part? Will I, we have fun?  We are no strangers, but this run will bring out new sides of ourselves, do I want to show the pain, will we shout get mad or encourage and have fun, will I care, and what will happen after? It isn’t only about running, it is more personal, more challenging in a way. 

Shower. I will miss that. Or not. Same with sleep, either, nor. Don’t mind on the toilet part, or do I?

Eating. And drinking I totally have no knowledge of, nor can I plan ahead on this part. Doubts for not knowing how it will go. When and where and what are the only questions are open in this topic, should be easy to solve hah. 

And how much 110 kilometers exactly? Not in hours, nor in centimeters. Mindwork-wise. Legwork-wise. How will my stomach react, how will my body react, how will I react, and how others will do and how I will react on that? 

Logistics. The word already makes me goosebumps even in terms of other life events. Planning, organizing, figuring out I can do only in creative thinking, brainstorming I guess, but not in real life situations, future planning only excites me as long as excited to do so. A car, a bike, packing, where to sleep, what to eat, a driver, a biker, two runners, the fact to be prepared to every occasions, is that possible to make a mistake while running or it is only a moment to reconsider and replan. Have I’ve forgotten something already?

And finally the aftermass. Will I be tired enough not to get the blues? Will we be happy, or so tired and body sore we would not talk for days? Will the sun makes us happy anyways. Will I shout, calm down and when seperate don’t forget the tidal waves? Will I cry of happiness or pain? Or none, just take it as another race, thank you.

We play around taking it unserious right now, but three weeks prior I already see my brain switching to tapering mode where situations, scenes emerge and possible outcomes need to be realized or trashed out. Uncertainty occupied the brain, I must be superboring.

This is finetuning the brain now along with some more run. Than comes tapering and I hope it is not an impossible task to adjust the brain, up until it is OH! – thinking mode. 


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