Runner’s high


Runner’s high on a friday night.


Running along, taking one step after the other, mouth speaking continously, concentrating on not to fall, not to twist those ankles, not to have any mosquitos flying into the eyes. Taking it easy, slower pace than usual, holding back.

But than again looking up only to look around, the view, with the small mountains, the flowers, the smell of the wood, I become a romantic I’ve never been, I can feel it. 

And all of a sudden, it’s rushing through it’s feeling so nice. The nature to run in, fresh air to breath in, the beautiful view to look at; runners high hit, not there and then, rather when going come and change attire to get moving with the Friday night. I realize that the smile is unopted, I smile from the bones of my body. And I love it.

And now I understand.

Understand the propensity of running in the woods. And perhaps I also started to get to know the power of effect running realizes in my body, to the system called I. 


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