Ups and downs and movies

One day you think you’re born to run just to feel miserably suffering yourself another run practice. What it is all about?

Legs so heavy.

Just last night I had the best calmness and the biggest power in hands/legs/body, I felt joyful for the running, peace spreading through my blood, smiling like insane, just to feel like a stone, and iceberg today, legs so heavy, mind so dumb, body so paralized. I still did it anyways, I could not even give up. 

Legs so heavy.

In movies girls/ladies/women and even men go out for a run when they need a bit of change in the daily life. Best first lady, in fact my favorite Robin Wright went quite often, styled and pretty, and she always got the best thoughts or at least feeling calmer afterwards.

Not me, I’m not always feeling better after a run although there is no comparison whether if I skipped I would feel even worse. But I kinda believe so, so I keep on going. 

Legs so heavy.

Perhaps the time of the day, the terrain, the neighborhood I run in makes a difference. Today, we ran 3 laps around the island giving me such an enormous stress just counting the laps, and this is probably all it mattered. Busy complaining myself for the boring site, I forgot to enjoy the rhytmical steps, my power to run.

Will try another round tomorrow, I guess I’m not the one giving up my wills easily…

Born to run. 

And love


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