I used to be a fashion girl, knowing and perhaps wearing the latest, if not the ones not yet in people’s mind, some kind of a trendsetter but in small, had no effect on others nor the fashion society a’la mass. I knew every ads, every details every textures, all the upcoming and vintage. I still have my Vogue coming to doorstep monthly I check the usual sites daily. 

But my head turned to other direction, and the fashionista affection needed to deal and share with a new thing. Running.

So many times I mentioned my runaway from running in my teenage, the way it is such a good thing, to had let my own life abandon the track the races and its accompanying stress, the pro life. To totally left behind for new adventures, so I thought. Parties, dancing on tables, getting superdrunk, highlife, loosing my head, university, than dropping out of uni, than restart, than party some more, travel the world, hearing the photgraphers clicking and instructing, my hair and make up to be done hundreds of times, meet diverse people, fall in and out of men in such a speeded up way, enjoy and enjoying less of life, than settle a bit, start working, finishing the goddamn school, starting a new one, working and modeling at the same time, working even more, settleing down even more, stop smoking, stop smoking anything, doing yoga, doing yoga and pilates for two hours a day, seven days a week, riding my bike to work, still party a lot, but no more dancing on tables anymore, than getting pregnant right after decided, growing the belly, growing the confidence settling down is a good choice, finding the perfect name, still doing yoga extreme, than having the most wonderful child, sleepless nights, being a mom, going babymommy pilates, can’t stop won’t stop, still reading magazines and books, but next to the cot in the dark on the ipad, so I see what I read. I start working again just after two weeks hiatus, soon  taking my baby to work with me, life getting back to normal, yoga and pilates whenever I have twenty minutes. Family life begins and time is on the short side. My girl getting to creche than kindergarten, and I’m now at present.

I run. And something has changed. I do find the time to run, it makes me tired and makes me more active at the time. Started as a breathing some fresh air kinda thing, 5k, so I would wake up after a sleepless night. No pressure, no nofun. All for the benefit.

I didn’t see myself getting addicted, never would have thought on the first hand, I was so done with running at age 18. It just happened, overnight, or developed with the increase of distance? 

After a bit came more and now comes the most.

Whether I’m convertedin lifestyle to running I still don’t know, not that it matters, but will know more next week. Or not.

Happy to run, ready to run I’m not 100% sure, but ready to see myself in this. I fear but I also dare. Or not?

Converted perhaps. 

And I’m happy I didn’t become a university than a pro athlete, but luved my life in order to find my way back to running. And the running community. Because that also is a big part of my conversion, and I’m so happy to share some moments together. Yo biatch kinda emotional turning now, auuuw, here we come for the challenge!! Woohuut. Now over and out!


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